Have Fun with the Little Things

In short, it’s been another hell of a week. Last weekend kicked it off with a visit to the emergency room, followed by needle jabs, visits to the doctor, and intrusive exams. Luckily, it’s just a large ovarian cyst causing me so much trouble. But my oh my is that routine little nuisance a painful one.... Continue Reading →

For Hamilton I

Soft little rosebuds smile with glee, There is no other that can make happy as he. His blue green eyes, light brown hair, His cheek are his father's, and so cute, it's not fair. How did I manage to become so blessed? Especially after horrid moments left me without rest. I knew his name, I... Continue Reading →

Thoughts from a Nighttime Feeding

His soft little breaths warm my soul, The huge smile he gives when I walk in the room, His little eyes that glisten with love, His precious squeal when he's happy. Nothing compares to being called "Mama." Nor does feeling his little head rest on my shoulder as he sleeps in my arms. For every... Continue Reading →


I can rock him to sleep Dry his tears Give him a bath Feed him his dinner. I can teach him patience Love Acceptance. Read stories to him Walk him in his stroller Play with his toys Watch his favorite show. Show him strength Compassion Courage. I did not realize my impairments made me half... Continue Reading →

The Good Night for Hamilton March

One, two, three, four, A small parade marches through the door, Off to tuck the littlest to bed, And wish sweet dreams for his sleepy head.  We read book about travels far, talk about things and what they are, He nuzzles, and covers his sweet little eyes, Only to open them to new dreams with... Continue Reading →

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