Women of Woodworking

Through a series of detailed interviews and posts on my personal blog, I aim to spotlight and encourage growth of my fellow women’s work and art.

Here I intend to combine my passion for people, writing, and love of woodworking to introduce and feature some of the craft’s best female woodworkers.

Select the women of woodworking tag to see all of my interviews and posts.

*Starting May 2020, the Women of Woodworking project’s essay series became a Medium publication. All future essays will be published on Medium, but will also be linked to on this landing page.

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Phoebe Everill, Drummond, Victoria, Australia

Daej Hamilton, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jessica Budnick, Clover, SC

WOO Pit Crew

Peggy White, Almonte, Ontario, Canada

Lynette Breton, Part II – The Ancient Bog Oak Flower Press

Lynette Breton, Harpswell, ME Part I

Laura Mays, Fort Bragg, CA

Kim McIntyre, Bellevue, WA

Larissa Huff, Philadelphia, PA

Vanessa Johnston, South Queensferry, Edinburgh, Scotland

Kate Duncan, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Danielle Rose Byrd, Bar Harbor, ME

Meredith Hart, Durham, NC

Women of Woodworking Reworked

Kelly Meagher, Northwest Arkansas

Motoko Smith, San Diego, CA

Keira James, Staveley, England

Jimmi Wingert, Los Angeles, CA

Sarah Marriage, Hoboken, NJ

Leslie Webb, Georgetown, TX

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