A Grain of Sand

Standing on the edge Of now and then. Was it sunny like today? Will there be more days like that ahead? Today people play, swim, and love Not knowing the pain that lies beneath their feet. Only focused on the tides, always changing, Unaware of the memories etched in the grains of sand, Observers of... Continue Reading →

Homeschool Holiday Break Reflections

We made it! Halfway through the year, at least! Needless to say the last few months have been incredibly odd and discomforting for a lot of us. I am grateful to slow down our little bubble and stay put for an extended while. It’s been almost a year or more now since we’ve seen some... Continue Reading →

3 Months In

We’ve made it through nearly three months of homeschool, and I must be honest… …I’m beyond exhausted. As you can see my weekly homeschool blog updates have dropped to every couple of weeks. I’ve had to consolidate my life to conserve enough energy to take care of the kids and homeschool five days a week,... Continue Reading →

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