Power Up!

I’m a 33-year-old mother of two in the process of getting a power wheelchair, and contrary to popular belief, it’s a wonderful thing. During a recent day out at the zoo with the family, I rented a motorized scooter to see if it helped with my pain levels and mobility. At a steep $40 price... Continue Reading →

Have Fun with the Little Things

In short, it’s been another hell of a week. Last weekend kicked it off with a visit to the emergency room, followed by needle jabs, visits to the doctor, and intrusive exams. Luckily, it’s just a large ovarian cyst causing me so much trouble. But my oh my is that routine little nuisance a painful one.... Continue Reading →

Sweet Morning

His little head nuzzles into my side, I smile, rub his back, And soak in the moment. His little breaths on my chest, His sweet hand reaching out to touch me. I've never known happiness like this. When he opens his sleepy eyes, And gives me a big, sweet grin, I can't imagine anything better.


Sometimes it feels like the goalpost keeps moving, The finish line will never come. Then, all of a sudden, we're here before we even knew it. Look at what we've done. Things I never thought I'd do, Or that would take a lifetime to complete, Are now done, dusted and shelved, I think I was... Continue Reading →

Thoughts from a Nighttime Feeding

His soft little breaths warm my soul, The huge smile he gives when I walk in the room, His little eyes that glisten with love, His precious squeal when he's happy. Nothing compares to being called "Mama." Nor does feeling his little head rest on my shoulder as he sleeps in my arms. For every... Continue Reading →


I can rock him to sleep Dry his tears Give him a bath Feed him his dinner. I can teach him patience Love Acceptance. Read stories to him Walk him in his stroller Play with his toys Watch his favorite show. Show him strength Compassion Courage. I did not realize my impairments made me half... Continue Reading →

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