Why I Talk About My Disabilities Video


Is it There?

The ache, the dragging, the uncertainty, The exhaustion, the pain, the embarrassment, I just want to keep moving, I just want to feel good. My mind doesn't fail me,  My soul is still intact, But my body? It decides what course I can take. How much I can do, Where I go, What I see.... Continue Reading →

Finally, an answer.

Some of you may remember this post. Others of you may just be tuning into this section of my life (if so, I suggest reading that post before you continue with this one, just so we’re all on the same page.) It’s been a long 9 months since then, but I feel like my journey... Continue Reading →

Improvements and Thanks

It has been a long (almost!) two months, however I have never felt so loved before as I have felt lately. So many of you reached out after my last post and I was simply overwhelmed with good vibes and positive energy! Thank you! In health news my condition is improving, and after a long... Continue Reading →

One Day at a Time

As much as I love the internet and social media I do try to keep my messages focused and positive. I try not to complain or share negative feelings as that is not an energy I like to share with the world. As we all know though, life is not always sunshine and roses.I write... Continue Reading →

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