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Pleading for Fall

23 Aug

The sunset has shifted,

There a little crisp in the air. 

Could it be? No, not yet.

Fall isn’t still quite here.

I’m so tired of sweating, 

My clothes, hot and sticky,

I can’t wait to wear a sweater,

Or bear to have clothes even near me.

Let the leaves change slowly,

Let the temperatures drop fast,

Let’s leave behind the humid misery,

And bring fall, and cool, to last.



22 Aug

“Rest, rest, rest!” They say,

So you can work and hopefully play,

But nothing works, I’m always dragging,

The pain, fatigue, disappointment nagging.

They love me so, regardless of my state,

I do my best to be a great mother and mate,

I may do things differently, and thats okay,

I hope to teach him compassion along the way.

So for now I rest, so that tonight is ours,

So I feel a little normal, even just for an hour.

Sweet Morning

21 Aug

His little head nuzzles into my side,

I smile, rub his back,

And soak in the moment.

His little breaths on my chest,

His sweet hand reaching out to touch me.

I’ve never known happiness like this.

When he opens his sleepy eyes,

And gives me a big, sweet grin,

I can’t imagine anything better.

Lowcountry Storm

20 Aug

It’s blows in loud, a thunderous roar.

A wall of clouds glides across the water.

The wind, whipping, stirring, breaking,

The sky opens up, and it begins to pour.

The rich, soft soil, it turns dark,

Trees stand at attention,

Soaking up every drop.

The heat breaks and cools the sweat on my skin.

I taste the sweet, salty air on my tongue.

The humidity rises again,

It’s oppressiveness familiar.

It’s time to go outside,

And feel that warm pressure soar,

I’ll stand on the rooftop to watch the ocean churn,

As there is nothing quite like the thrill of a Lowcountry storm.

Don’t Doubt Yourself

19 Aug

Was it ever really real?

Or was it all a fantasy?

I was fed stories from someone who didn’t know their own self.

Don’t rely on someone else to define your narrative.

Don’t rely on false floors to serve as a foundation.

Be strong. Take nothing.

Keep giving no matter how hard your hand gets bitten.

In the end, it will all be clear,

Just keep moving through the dust,

Shake it off,

Keep going.


18 Aug

It rolls around in my head,

Lights flashing, world spinning,

It’s a disco in the street.

Keep moving, tears streaming,

Can’t help dancing,

To the beat.

It’s one of kind, just like me,

You’ll never know

Unless you try.

It’s enough for a lifetime,

Have some faith, its all good, 

Just look up to the sky.

In the Dark of the Unknown

17 Aug

Soft moonlight shines through the trees,

Illuminating hidden places, casting shadows on the ground,

What could be out there? Surely the whole world isn’t sleeping.

Thoughts and fears races round and round.

I shut the curtain, shudder at the thought,

Terrified of the unknown.

But take a moment, soak in the darkness,

That fear can be challenged, when your own strength is shown.