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For Hamilton I

27 Aug

Soft little rosebuds smile with glee,

There is no other that can make happy as he.

His blue green eyes, light brown hair,

His cheek are his father’s, and so cute, it’s not fair.

How did I manage to become so blessed?

Especially after horrid moments left me without rest.

I knew his name, I saw him play.

That’s when hope restored me to love another day.


Sweet Morning

21 Aug

His little head nuzzles into my side,

I smile, rub his back,

And soak in the moment.

His little breaths on my chest,

His sweet hand reaching out to touch me.

I’ve never known happiness like this.

When he opens his sleepy eyes,

And gives me a big, sweet grin,

I can’t imagine anything better.

Don’t Doubt Yourself

19 Aug

Was it ever really real?

Or was it all a fantasy?

I was fed stories from someone who didn’t know their own self.

Don’t rely on someone else to define your narrative.

Don’t rely on false floors to serve as a foundation.

Be strong. Take nothing.

Keep giving no matter how hard your hand gets bitten.

In the end, it will all be clear,

Just keep moving through the dust,

Shake it off,

Keep going.


15 Aug

Sometimes it feels like the goalpost keeps moving,

The finish line will never come.

Then, all of a sudden, we’re here before we even knew it.

Look at what we’ve done.

Things I never thought I’d do,

Or that would take a lifetime to complete,

Are now done, dusted and shelved,

I think I was waiting for us to meet.

You’re my biggest fan,

Myinspiration, yes it’s true,

I’ve only been able to do these things,

Because of love from you. 

For Joseph I

14 Aug

He is my everything.

My light, my best friend, my love.

Compassionate and calm,

Always willing to help someone.

His big arms build dreams into reality,

They bring me comfort in my sleep.

He cares for our son like none other,

He’s patient, gentle and kind to all.

I am so grateful he chose me.

Dark hair, hazel eyes and bright smile.

He brings me joy I’ve never knew existed.

I live for every moment I spend with him.

Wasted Time

12 Aug

Wasted time,

Wasted minds,

Wasted, searching for your kind.

Have faith, stay strong,

Keep singing your song,

And the one you search for will come along.

A Tiny Voice

11 Aug

While the rest of the world celebrates unity, love and compassion,

There is a voice, a tiny voice, who says many words of a hateful fashion.

Yes this voice, this tiny voice, many minds it has soured,

But no matter what this voice may say, we cannot give it power.

Ignore it they say, it will go away,

But here we are, more than a year to the day.

It takes words, actions, not being afraid,

As far as decency? There’s only one choice to be made.

Reach out to your friends, your grandmother too.

For it doesn’t just affect us, it includes all of you.

Don’t go away, separate yourself from the kind,

You’ll come to find out we are of the same mind.

But that voice? Well, it will soon disappear,

Will you replace it with love, or fill it with fear?