Welcome Back.

There are moments I think I’m alone, and I forget that you’re around me. Then I remember that you are there and I become terrified. I can’t run. There’s no escape. So this time, I turn and face you. I lay my head and heart out for you. You envelop me and I leave my... Continue Reading →

The night begins in the swamp.

I hear the blast of a pistol, shooting at some creature unknown. The crickets don't flinch, they continue their song. The black has covered everything, trees dripping in sultry, sweet tar. An owl calls in the night. A fox screams in lonely fright. And the night begins in the swamp.

Found again

My whole life I've been searching,When it's been here with me all along. I used to pull, cry, lament and fear. Now I've returned to sing my old song. The one I knew, the one I loved, How did I ever it let it go? It's true to me, what they say, If it's meant... Continue Reading →

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