Welcome Back.

Katie Avatar

There are moments I think I’m alone, and I forget that you’re around me.

Then I remember that you are there and I become terrified. I can’t run. There’s no escape.

So this time, I turn and face you. I lay my head and heart out for you.

You envelop me and I leave my binds for a moment. You carry me down, down down down.

Could it get darker?

Oh yes, it gets much darker.





I trusted you.

But then you start moving, flying speeding faster, faster and suddenly there’s light.

There’s color.

There are entire worlds moving past me, in me and with you.

You dance with the stars and I….

I finally smile…relax.


We slow down.

I lay back, and take comfort in your presence.

I’m reminded that I’m never alone. And that’s not so scary.

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