Lowcountry Storm

It's blows in loud, a thunderous roar. A wall of clouds glides across the water. The wind, whipping, stirring, breaking, The sky opens up, and it begins to pour. The rich, soft soil, it turns dark, Trees stand at attention, Soaking up every drop. The heat breaks and cools the sweat on my skin. I... Continue Reading →


Don’t Doubt Yourself

Was it ever really real? Or was it all a fantasy? I was fed stories from someone who didn't know their own self. Don't rely on someone else to define your narrative. Don't rely on false floors to serve as a foundation. Be strong. Take nothing. Keep giving no matter how hard your hand gets... Continue Reading →


It rolls around in my head, Lights flashing, world spinning, It's a disco in the street. Keep moving, tears streaming, Can't help dancing, To the beat. It's one of kind, just like me, You'll never know Unless you try. It's enough for a lifetime, Have some faith, its all good,  Just look up to the... Continue Reading →

In the Dark of the Unknown

Soft moonlight shines through the trees, Illuminating hidden places, casting shadows on the ground, What could be out there? Surely the whole world isn't sleeping. Thoughts and fears races round and round. I shut the curtain, shudder at the thought, Terrified of the unknown. But take a moment, soak in the darkness, That fear can... Continue Reading →

The Rush

Run! Fast! Get moving! Your brain and talents are needed, To make people smile, To share their story, To make their day. You're here because you love helping people, You're here because you're good at what you do. Believe! You can do it. Just keep pushing through.


Sometimes it feels like the goalpost keeps moving, The finish line will never come. Then, all of a sudden, we're here before we even knew it. Look at what we've done. Things I never thought I'd do, Or that would take a lifetime to complete, Are now done, dusted and shelved, I think I was... Continue Reading →

For Joseph I

He is my everything. My light, my best friend, my love. Compassionate and calm, Always willing to help someone. His big arms build dreams into reality, They bring me comfort in my sleep. He cares for our son like none other, He's patient, gentle and kind to all. I am so grateful he chose me.... Continue Reading →

Is it There?

The ache, the dragging, the uncertainty, The exhaustion, the pain, the embarrassment, I just want to keep moving, I just want to feel good. My mind doesn't fail me,  My soul is still intact, But my body? It decides what course I can take. How much I can do, Where I go, What I see.... Continue Reading →

Wasted Time

Wasted time, Wasted minds, Wasted, searching for your kind. Have faith, stay strong, Keep singing your song, And the one you search for will come along.

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