Water running down, A brown dirt alleyway. I soak into the soil, And rise into the stems. I journey to the tip of a leaf, And fall back down to the ground. Running with the water again.

Porch Sunrise

The sky is still dark, A cool breeze blows in. Turning it colors, Black to blue, orange and red. Birds call across the forest, Crickets sing their last songs, They all know it's coming, The arrival of dawn. Then the sky shines in white, Then yellow through the trees, It's the beginning of a morning,... Continue Reading →

100 Things

I sit and watch the late sun soak in, The leaves, they flutter, but the trees do not bend. A moment of peace, to quiet the mind, For these are not moments that are best left behind. Does it take work to think of 100 things? Regardless, there's more the next moment could bring. If... Continue Reading →

In the Trees I

Peck peck peck Red on their heads The troops move in  The trees shake with dread. They're loud!  Like a mallet, banging on the wood, But like everything else in nature, The cycle must continue, to be good.

Snowy Swamp

We're having a rare snow day here in the Lowcountry, so we took a short walk around to see the swamp swathed in its white snow blanket. Stay warm!

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