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The Good Night for Hamilton March

3 Aug

One, two, three, four,

A small parade marches through the door,

Off to tuck the littlest to bed,

And wish sweet dreams for his sleepy head. 

We read book about travels far,

talk about things and what they are,

He nuzzles, and covers his sweet little eyes,

Only to open them to new dreams with the bright sunrise.


Social Media Responsibility for the Consumer

21 Aug

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you found this post or my blog through social media. I love social media and anyone that follows me knows I’m avid liker and retweeter. Social Media is also part of my job as a rep for other brands as well as my own. Not to be outdone, my husband Joseph took over our JWTWoodworks Instagram account and has now blown me out of the water.

Joseph’s large and very active Instagram following gives him the ability to share messages about events and new work to promote our business very easily to an interested crowd. What he did last week was a little different though, as Joseph took the role of the consumer. After literally hours of frustration he posted a negative review regarding an experience with a product and the company.

Long story short his needs have been attended to in a polite manner, but he was given a little “lecture” by the company’s rep who was made aware of JWTWoodwork’s large Instagram following prior to speaking with Joseph. The rep emphasized that Joseph’s large following came with a big responsibility. The rep said that he wished Joseph had come to him first, which he did, four times in fact. This situation was showing glaringly obvious communication problems within the company, and although they are trying to make right of it, it’s been quite a journey costing a lot of time and money and that is something that is not so easy to replace.

I am proud of Joseph and it appears his followers are happy with his honesty too according to their comments. The company is going above and beyond to try to rectify the situation despite some major slip ups – at first we were getting great service, then not so great service. We were stern, and got what we needed. We then worried that we were too harsh on the company, but after that quip on social media responsibility from the company worrying about us ruining their reputation, we feel that we made the right move in order to protect ourselves and our followers as consumers.

This whole situation has left me asking myself where the boundary lies between being polite and going overboard with social media reviews. We’ve all had negative experiences at one time or another – a loud guest next door in the hotel, a hair in our food, you name it, it happens. We go to the front desk or our waiter to get it attended to. In general, we’re told to shrug off the small stuff, which is what I’ve done for some time on social media when I’ve been unhappy with products or companies, but after this past weekend my alter ego as the blunt yet honest writer has had a few words to share.

My thoughts are that social media should be used by companies to engage and interact with their customers, whether it be on a positive level or handling a negative customer experience. Unfortunately for companies social media can be a very public megaphone to the world, thus giving consumers the ability to cause a massive shift with the tap of that RT button.

I share this on Twitter often, but I truly think that capitalism puts the consumer in power at times. Our dollars and what we spend them on determine everything in the market, yet we are made to feel small and almost powerless by companies and their bad service very easily. I encourage folks to spend their dollars with those who care, those who count, and those who produce quality. Companies won’t continue to make crappy products if no one buys them. Social media is our modern way of saying “Fellow Buyer beware!” and I believe we have a responsibility to tell our friends and neighbors when they REALLY don’t need to spend their money on this product with X company because it is horrible.

I’m really interested to hear what you think. Do you voice complaints to companies over social media? If so, do you see results? If you don’t share them, why not? Is the machine too big? I don’t think so. If companies are worried about their reputation, they should focus more on service, quality products and doing good business so there is no questions about their reputations. No one is perfect, but I think it’s safe to say consumers have reached another level of influence that can and will continue to dramatically change the landscape of business and the control that consumers have over their dollars and the market.

Sunshine Naturals

25 Apr

During one of my recent expeditions across South Carolina I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Kim B. – Founder and Owner of Sunshine Naturals.

A relatively new company, Sunshine Naturals provides all natural spa and beauty products made in Lexington, SC. This line is excellent for those with sensitive skin or those with allergies to ingredients found in most beauty products. What initially attracted me to their display outside of Rosewood Market in Columbia, SC were the sumptuous lotions. Woodworking can make your hand feel like the Sahara sometimes so I am always on the hunt for the best lotions and hand creams.


After testing the Rose Geranium handcream I was sold by it’s delicate scent and creamy thickness. It does leave that shiny, waxy finish (it does have beeswax in it, after all!) that helps seal in moisture.  I would definitely recommend this cream for anyone who has severely dry hands or for a great bedtime hand cream.

Oh, the creaminess of it all!

Oh, the creaminess of it all!

What I am really glad I impulse purchased – and for only $2! – was a  bag of their Rhassoul Clay mask. I mixed 1 tablespoon clay mix with 1 tablespoon of water (I didn’t have the recommended hydrosol) as instructed on the back of the bag. It went a long way and provided a nice, thick coat. The ask dried rather well and washing it off is what you would expect – it’s like washing dry clay off of your face. However my pore were immediately much smaller, my skin was very soft and my tone was great.


Owner Kim shared some excellent information with us about the Rhassoul Clay Mask and it’s benefits. “The Rassoul clay, also called Morrocan red clay, is ultra absorbing, toning and firming, which is why it is a popular spa treatment” she explained. In addition to th Rhassoul Clay, Sunshine Naturals also offers an adobe and a bentonite clay mask. You can use all of Sunshine Natural’s clay masks up to twice a week.


This photo was too funny to NOT share! That hair…..

I gave it a 4 out of 5 initially, but after a few days and I was so impressed with how clear my complexion was still so I’ve boosted it up to a 4.5.

In full disclosure this was my first clay mask experience of any kind, unless you count goofing off in the pluff mud on kayaks trips in the sea marshes of Charleston in college. Nostalgia aside, the physical results were more than convincing and I plan to make this excellent mask a part of my regular beauty routine.

In addition to lotions and masks, Sunshine Naturals offers all natural salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, hydrosols, soaps, lotion bars, lip gloss and more. You can purchase the Rhassoul Clay Mask, Rose Geranium lotion and all of their other great SC Certified beauty and Spa products from Sunshine Naturals online at

Flavor of the Week – February 14th

14 Feb

Since I want this blog to showcase the fun, quirky, and positive slice of life, I’d like to do a weekly post highlighting what I’m REALLY loving that particular week, called the Flavor of the Week. Since there simply aren’t enough hours in the day already, Flavor of the Week posts will feature a quick breakdown of a random assortment of inspirations and unique finds that have amused me recently.

Ready? Let’s Go!

What I’m loving this week:

Pilot’s B2P Be Green Retractable Gel-Ink Pens


I’m a writer. No really. I am constantly writing notes, thoughts, and other randomness all over my planner, wood, and even my napkins all the time. Being as I write a LOT, I am loving these pens not just because they are made from recycled water bottles but mainly because of their smoothness. A great pen is oddly gratifying to me, and this one gets double the loving for being an excellent writing tool AND an Eco-friendly product. Snag some for yourself at

Chiffon Bridesmaid’s Dress for Wtoo by Watters

In other realms of my world, I have a dear friend getting married this year and I am honored to get my first go at being a bridesmaid for her. We were reviewing our dress options this week, and the bride herself suggested this beautiful design from Wtoo by Watters. Frankly, I’m obsessed. The belted waist, chiffon, flowery skirt and one-shoulder top work in blissfully symphonic harmony and make this dress an instant classic. And look at all of those color options!  I sincerely mean it when I say I’d wear this dress again after her big day.

New Orleans

I am also loving (and missing) New Orleans a lot lately. Seeing all of the amazing costumes and king cake from my pals in the Big Easy celebrating Mardi Gras this week has me yearning for another visit.


New Orleans has this weird vibe about it. And I like weird. I’ll admit to being creeped out by the aura of the city sometimes, but the love for life (and death, for that matter) felt throughout Nola is so remarkable and one of a kind, it’s almost difficult to put into words. Also: ‘Po Boys. Crawdads. Gumbo…..

Overall, I think New Orleans’ creative scene is bursting at the seams. Take for instance Propaganda New Orleans, Nola Fashion Week, and of course, the FOOD. The bloggers, designers, doers and thinkers that are coming out of Nola right now are simply fantastic. I personally recommend following @ChristyLorio, @JhesikaMenes, and @NicholasLandry to get a good pulse on the Nola fashion, arts, food and culture scenes. I know I am merely scratching the surface here, perhaps a more extensive post on New Orleans will come later.

I’m keeping it short and sweet for this first installment. Valentine’s day seems like a good a day as any to launch a series on things you love though, right?

And whether you have a Valentine or not, I am sending you all lots of love today, and every day.