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#BestKeptSelfie #StoptheMadness

7 Aug

There is no better topic for me to revive my blog on than to share my latest experience as a participant in the Best Kept Self’s #BestKeptSelfie #StoptheMadness campaign.


Created to help combat negative self-talk, Best Kept Self’s Shauna Mackenzie says, “Our biggest goals with the campaign is to get women to understand the severity of speaking negatively about themselves. We at Best Kept Self believe that the secret to doing it all and having a life you love, is believing in your self-worth. Bottom Line: Love yourself enough to live a life of joy.”

Check out this moving video from the Best Kept Self’s Stop the Madness campaign:

I was honored to be a part of the campaign and loved the exercise of thinking about what I really loved about myself, and what made me, me. I felt so gorgeous and confident by the time I took the photo! I recommend giving yourself a break and a moment to think about all of the positive qualities you have. In this day and age it’s easy to feel inferior scrolling through Instagram photos of your favorite celebrity in the Caribbean, or simply logging on to your favorite website and seeing that weight loss ad. We are being bombarded with more fake “needs” than we’ve ever been, and the only thing you really need to “fix” those things is to love yourself, and that’s truly priceless.

You can learn more about the campaign at and also sign the petition pledging against negative self-talk.


Sunshine Naturals

25 Apr

During one of my recent expeditions across South Carolina I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Kim B. – Founder and Owner of Sunshine Naturals.

A relatively new company, Sunshine Naturals provides all natural spa and beauty products made in Lexington, SC. This line is excellent for those with sensitive skin or those with allergies to ingredients found in most beauty products. What initially attracted me to their display outside of Rosewood Market in Columbia, SC were the sumptuous lotions. Woodworking can make your hand feel like the Sahara sometimes so I am always on the hunt for the best lotions and hand creams.


After testing the Rose Geranium handcream I was sold by it’s delicate scent and creamy thickness. It does leave that shiny, waxy finish (it does have beeswax in it, after all!) that helps seal in moisture.  I would definitely recommend this cream for anyone who has severely dry hands or for a great bedtime hand cream.

Oh, the creaminess of it all!

Oh, the creaminess of it all!

What I am really glad I impulse purchased – and for only $2! – was a  bag of their Rhassoul Clay mask. I mixed 1 tablespoon clay mix with 1 tablespoon of water (I didn’t have the recommended hydrosol) as instructed on the back of the bag. It went a long way and provided a nice, thick coat. The ask dried rather well and washing it off is what you would expect – it’s like washing dry clay off of your face. However my pore were immediately much smaller, my skin was very soft and my tone was great.


Owner Kim shared some excellent information with us about the Rhassoul Clay Mask and it’s benefits. “The Rassoul clay, also called Morrocan red clay, is ultra absorbing, toning and firming, which is why it is a popular spa treatment” she explained. In addition to th Rhassoul Clay, Sunshine Naturals also offers an adobe and a bentonite clay mask. You can use all of Sunshine Natural’s clay masks up to twice a week.


This photo was too funny to NOT share! That hair…..

I gave it a 4 out of 5 initially, but after a few days and I was so impressed with how clear my complexion was still so I’ve boosted it up to a 4.5.

In full disclosure this was my first clay mask experience of any kind, unless you count goofing off in the pluff mud on kayaks trips in the sea marshes of Charleston in college. Nostalgia aside, the physical results were more than convincing and I plan to make this excellent mask a part of my regular beauty routine.

In addition to lotions and masks, Sunshine Naturals offers all natural salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, hydrosols, soaps, lotion bars, lip gloss and more. You can purchase the Rhassoul Clay Mask, Rose Geranium lotion and all of their other great SC Certified beauty and Spa products from Sunshine Naturals online at