My Spinal Fusion Surgery – 10 Year Anniversary – Weekly Vlog


Is it There?

The ache, the dragging, the uncertainty, The exhaustion, the pain, the embarrassment, I just want to keep moving, I just want to feel good. My mind doesn't fail me,  My soul is still intact, But my body? It decides what course I can take. How much I can do, Where I go, What I see.... Continue Reading →

The Day that Lies Ahead

It's sticks, pinches, burns. Then shock, pulse, prod. Lay and wait. Silence then sound. Not knowing the depth of the field. But you wake up, walk in, head held high. Hold his hand, you both stay strong. These answers may not be what you expect. Keep going no matter what, stay the course, trust your... Continue Reading →

A Good Day

Onward, onward! To victory! No matter how small or short lived. A small hurdle, a stab, no matter the size, Cannot compare to my will to give.

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