Travel With Books! Home Preschool and Disabled Parenting Blog, Week 6

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It’s another great week in homeschool land and I have a NEW tool in our box that I am really excited to share with you!

A dear friend invited me to a virtual book party with Usborne Books & More a few weeks ago on Facebook. I had heard of Usborne children’s books but didn’t really know much about it, and wanting to support my friend, I checked it out.

What a great decision that was!

I talked with my consultant Grace and she gave me a very thorough list of recommendations based on the kids’ ages, interests, and our homeschool needs. I shared the link with some family members and selected a few titles I thought the kiddos would be interested in. 

Hamilton and Dad with the catch of the day!

The prices were great, and getting them shipped directly to my house is always ideal for me, pandemic or not! Living with chronic illness can make shopping trips hard to plan and execute sometimes, and carrying a bunch of books is non-no with my physical disabilities. We also live in the middle of NOWHERE, so we often have to order specific items we want instead of going to the store for them.

When the books came in I was blown away. They were pretty much all hardcover, beautifully made and just the superb quality. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but absolutely nothing disappointed me about this experience. From having books handpicked for my kids, to conveniently getting them delivered right to us, I was one happy homeschool mom!

It felt like Christmas morning opening our new Usborne Books!

After speaking with Grace, and knowing how much my blog readers like the activities and tips shared here, I decided to become my own Usborne Consultant! My launch party “officially” starts Thursday, September 17 on Facebook, but you can go ahead and browse ahead of time right here:

My favorite part of the process so far is working with parents to find the best titles for their little one’s interests and age level. If you’d like to receive a customized list of books for your child or an invite to the private FB launch party event, leave a comment below or drop me an email at katie.kozar(at) with your child’s age and interests.

We’ll also be introducing new titles in the next few weeks, so if you’re looking for seasonally-themed books (think Halloween, Thanksgiving, and I can’t believe I’m already saying it but CHRISTMAS!) there will be more fun book parties coming for yours truly in the next few months!

We love to discover new things on our daily walks!

In other news, we began focusing on numbers, counting, and enjoying the last few HOT days of summer! We’re transitioning to fall-themed activities, and hopefully, cooler temps for our explorations outside soon. Until next time, I hope everyone has another great week of learning, kiddos and parents alike!

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