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Untitled V

29 Aug




Get going, get living!

There’s music to be shared,

Moves to be made.




Life is too short,

To waste another day.


Untitled III

23 Jul

There is no time for silly dreams,
Don’t you have everything you need?

All of this laid here at your feet,

My refrain is no matter, it mustn’t repeat.

For that would by the biggest chore

To see this big world and want something more.

Untitled II

20 Jul

They dance, they smile,
Making moments out of seconds
And adventure all the while.

The Land of Margaritas

19 Jul

The land of margaritas
Swirls of salt and lime
Sugar sweet and green
A cool, refreshing blend
Float on down discretion
Wave goodbye to worry
For in this happiest of hours
Today’s pains will be tomorrow’s, surely.

Photo Blog: OPEN Arts Expo 2013 with Gris Galerie

23 Sep

Joseph and I had the pleasure of spending a Sunday at the College of Charleston Cistern with Elizabeth Bowers and Greg Colleton of Gris Galerie for the Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts’ OPEN Arts Expo. Greg and Elizabeth were so kind as to invite us to display our work with them, and we also were introduced to some other great local artists as well.

2013-09-08 15.12.12

The playful animal paintings by Zoovaldes were cheerful. The Cistern was a beautiful setting for a pop up art walk. I enjoyed their creativity using recycled pallets as gallery walls. You can turn a pallet into almost anything!

Greg Hart

Greg Hart

A personal favorite of mine, artist Greg Hart also had work on display. We also got to know another new artist, Austin Norvell, who does fantastic glass work.

Amazing glass peanuts by Austin Norvell.

Amazing glass peanuts by Austin Norvell.

These peanuts looked so real and delicious.

Scrumptious art.

Scrumptious art.

Norvell was also giving live demonstrations. The space was filled with folks filming and taking pictures all day.

2013-09-08 15.11.41

It was fun to see people enjoy the creation process that often goes unseen in our shops and studios.

I thought Elizabeth’s fantastic bright yellow table was a perfect modern backdrop for the wide variety of mediums that were on display.

2013-09-08 15.11.55-1

I enjoyed showing new Black Swamp designs as well.

2013-09-08 12.37.18

To celebrate Black Swamp’s first event, I debuted the new Stardust Necklace.

2013-09-08 12.27.05

We also brought out a few Joseph Thompson Woodworks furniture pieces, as well as our last few Pecky Cypress pieces.

2013-09-08 12.10.02

We had beautiful weather with plenty of shade under those grand oaks. We enjoyed music from the Heartfelt Hinges and said hello to friends from Redux!

Thanks again to Elizabeth and Greg of Gris Galerie for having us!

One Day at a Time

8 Jul


As much as I love the internet and social media I do try to keep my messages focused and positive. I try not to complain or share negative feelings as that is not an energy I like to share with the world. As we all know though, life is not always sunshine and roses.

I write this post mostly for me, and for friends, loved ones, and simply those who care and might want to share this experience. I have always remained very quiet about this situation and I always wondered how much better I would feel if I could share this experience more openly and possibly help someone else by doing so. I also write this as my life is changing drastically, quickly. You may not recognize me from six months ago, let alone from last week as a result of what I am about to discuss.

Quick back story (pun not intended): When I was 18, I suffered a freak injury to my spine that resulted in a 60% compression on my spinal cord. I say freak because it really was – It occurred in the middle of my spine without there being any aggravating accident or fall. I just got up from my desk in college one day and couldn’t walk. This led to loss of function in both of my legs and then corrective surgery. The surgery led to serious complications including spinal meningitis, month long hospital stays, more surgeries and even 3 weeks in and out of a coma-like state. I somehow survived the meningitis with all of my limbs intact but there were still serious long term side effects I had to face. A few years later I began suffering from Kyphosis and had an additional corrective 4 level spinal fusion surgery and had 8 titanium screws and 2 rods surgically implanted into my spine.

That last surgery in 2009 really changed my life. Since then I have been able to exercise, travel, finish my college degree and start my design career. I got married, expanded our business, started my own business and had minimal pain all throughout. Looking back I’ve packed a lot into the past 4 years.

Perhaps one of my motivations for working at such as breakneck pace was because I knew there were limits. Sure, I felt amazing for a long time but all of my doctors told me it would only be a matter of time before I had to slow down. Although the surgeries were over and the infections gone, they left permanent nerve damage, scar tissue, and other neurological complications that I would deal with for the rest of my life.

So here we are today. I am now 27 and in the past week my life has changed again just as quickly as this all started 8 years ago. Two weekends ago – again without an aggravating incident – I found myself once more in incredible pain and suffering from weakness in my left leg. I’ve visited my doctor and am currently undergoing tests to see what is going on and what the next 6 months will have in store for me. I am using a walking cane to get around and am mostly feeling quite confused.

But this time is different. Maybe it’s because it’s my third time stepping up to this plate. Perhaps I just enjoy what I do so much that I throw myself into my work so deeply that I am able to distract my mind. I definitely know it’s also because I have an amazing support system of family and friends that has multiplied exponentially over the years since this all began.

This time, I’m ready for battle. I’m pissed off and determined to hit this head on. I don’t have time for this nonsense when I’m taking on the world. I’ll rock my cane and yes, I will coordinate my outfits around it. Who cares if I can’t wear heels?  I prefer my work boots anyways.

This time, I also know that physical pain cannot possibly overwhelm my love for my work, my life, and all of the lovely people I am so blessed to have in it. There is one thing you come to rely on heavily as a designer and that is your intellect and being able to translate your ideas into something physical that can lead to positive human interaction. I view these recent changes to my body as a new window opening for me to look out of. I can now experience a different kind of living and discover different challenges and improvements I can make on the world as designer.

So please, if you have questions, ask! If you have ideas, please share them. If you have concern, it is much appreciated, and your good thoughts and energy are always welcome. My main goal in life is to leave things better than when I first found them. I look forward to walking this new path and seeing how my experiences can leave a positive impact upon others in this world.

Thank you all for the light and love.

Flavor of the Week – February 14th

14 Feb

Since I want this blog to showcase the fun, quirky, and positive slice of life, I’d like to do a weekly post highlighting what I’m REALLY loving that particular week, called the Flavor of the Week. Since there simply aren’t enough hours in the day already, Flavor of the Week posts will feature a quick breakdown of a random assortment of inspirations and unique finds that have amused me recently.

Ready? Let’s Go!

What I’m loving this week:

Pilot’s B2P Be Green Retractable Gel-Ink Pens


I’m a writer. No really. I am constantly writing notes, thoughts, and other randomness all over my planner, wood, and even my napkins all the time. Being as I write a LOT, I am loving these pens not just because they are made from recycled water bottles but mainly because of their smoothness. A great pen is oddly gratifying to me, and this one gets double the loving for being an excellent writing tool AND an Eco-friendly product. Snag some for yourself at

Chiffon Bridesmaid’s Dress for Wtoo by Watters

In other realms of my world, I have a dear friend getting married this year and I am honored to get my first go at being a bridesmaid for her. We were reviewing our dress options this week, and the bride herself suggested this beautiful design from Wtoo by Watters. Frankly, I’m obsessed. The belted waist, chiffon, flowery skirt and one-shoulder top work in blissfully symphonic harmony and make this dress an instant classic. And look at all of those color options!  I sincerely mean it when I say I’d wear this dress again after her big day.

New Orleans

I am also loving (and missing) New Orleans a lot lately. Seeing all of the amazing costumes and king cake from my pals in the Big Easy celebrating Mardi Gras this week has me yearning for another visit.


New Orleans has this weird vibe about it. And I like weird. I’ll admit to being creeped out by the aura of the city sometimes, but the love for life (and death, for that matter) felt throughout Nola is so remarkable and one of a kind, it’s almost difficult to put into words. Also: ‘Po Boys. Crawdads. Gumbo…..

Overall, I think New Orleans’ creative scene is bursting at the seams. Take for instance Propaganda New Orleans, Nola Fashion Week, and of course, the FOOD. The bloggers, designers, doers and thinkers that are coming out of Nola right now are simply fantastic. I personally recommend following @ChristyLorio, @JhesikaMenes, and @NicholasLandry to get a good pulse on the Nola fashion, arts, food and culture scenes. I know I am merely scratching the surface here, perhaps a more extensive post on New Orleans will come later.

I’m keeping it short and sweet for this first installment. Valentine’s day seems like a good a day as any to launch a series on things you love though, right?

And whether you have a Valentine or not, I am sending you all lots of love today, and every day.