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Sing! Dance! Move! Get going, get living! There's music to be shared, Moves to be made. Smile, Laugh, Play! Life is too short, To waste another day.

Untitled III

There is no time for silly dreams, Don't you have everything you need? All of this laid here at your feet, My refrain is no matter, it mustn't repeat. For that would by the biggest chore To see this big world and want something more.

The Land of Margaritas

The land of margaritas Swirls of salt and lime Sugar sweet and green A cool, refreshing blend Float on down discretion Wave goodbye to worry For in this happiest of hours Today's pains will be tomorrow's, surely.

Photo Blog: OPEN Arts Expo 2013 with Gris Galerie

Joseph and I had the pleasure of spending a Sunday at the College of Charleston Cistern with Elizabeth Bowers and Greg Colleton of Gris Galerie for the Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts' OPEN Arts Expo. Greg and Elizabeth were so kind as to invite us to display our work with them, and we also were... Continue Reading →

One Day at a Time

As much as I love the internet and social media I do try to keep my messages focused and positive. I try not to complain or share negative feelings as that is not an energy I like to share with the world. As we all know though, life is not always sunshine and roses.I write... Continue Reading →

Getting it Together

"Why don't you start a blog?" I've been asked this question numerous times, and it's something I've asked myself as well. After all, I've been writing since I could hold a pencil. And after years of writing for others, I figured this project would finally enable for me to write for myself. And that's it. Nothing... Continue Reading →

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