A Tiny Voice

Katie Avatar

While the rest of the world celebrates unity, love and compassion,

There is a voice, a tiny voice, who says many words of a hateful fashion.

Yes this voice, this tiny voice, many minds it has soured,

But no matter what this voice may say, we cannot give it power.

Ignore it they say, it will go away,

But here we are, more than a year to the day.

It takes words, actions, not being afraid,

As far as decency? There’s only one choice to be made.

Reach out to your friends, your grandmother too.

For it doesn’t just affect us, it includes all of you.

Don’t go away, separate yourself from the kind,

You’ll come to find out we are of the same mind.

But that voice? Well, it will soon disappear,

Will you replace it with love, or fill it with fear?

One response

  1. Lisa Bick

    So true. I just don’t understand this ignorance.

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