Secret Victory

Katie Avatar

Sometimes I feel as though I do not fit in this world.

It’s as if my light is too bright and my body can’t contain it.

Other times, it’s as though I’m a black pebble, blocking the flow of water on a beach of full of sand.

I’ve always been different.

It’s always been this way.

Even as an adult, I do not understand.

Everyone seems so connected to each other

While I observe from the sidelines.

In my own company, my own sliver of the world.

It’s hard sometimes, to feel so alone.

But the gratification of success,

Personal, private, for me to enjoy only,

Feels like my little secret victory.

So I sit in limbo.

Alone. With others.

Aiming for another win.

For the reason for happiness, success and joy,

Should come from within.

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