In the Dark of the Unknown

Soft moonlight shines through the trees, Illuminating hidden places, casting shadows on the ground, What could be out there? Surely the whole world isn't sleeping. Thoughts and fears races round and round. I shut the curtain, shudder at the thought, Terrified of the unknown. But take a moment, soak in the darkness, That fear can... Continue Reading →

The Day that Lies Ahead

It's sticks, pinches, burns. Then shock, pulse, prod. Lay and wait. Silence then sound. Not knowing the depth of the field. But you wake up, walk in, head held high. Hold his hand, you both stay strong. These answers may not be what you expect. Keep going no matter what, stay the course, trust your... Continue Reading →

It’s Time.

Time to make a change, Time to turn a page. A new light beams ahead, A life not filled with dread. It's okay to let go. It's okay to say no. You deserve better than this, So let yourself be happy, the pain, you will not miss.

Secret Victory

Sometimes I feel as though I do not fit in this world. It's as if my light is too bright and my body can't contain it. Other times, it's as though I'm a black pebble, blocking the flow of water on a beach of full of sand. I've always been different. It's always been this... Continue Reading →

Sweet Sweet Night

I've felt you since I was a child, That loneliness, and the solace in it. The dark drapes over me, softly, every night. I delight in my dreams, the possibilities... I wince in the anxiety. My favorite dance with you? The night I waited for my son to arrive. You haven't always been bad. You've... Continue Reading →


Breathe In and out, Calm me down. Breathe Softly sleeping, Stir my heart. Breathe Feel the heat, Get lost. Breathe Drift away, In yours arms.

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