For Hamilton I

Soft little rosebuds smile with glee, There is no other that can make happy as he. His blue green eyes, light brown hair, His cheek are his father's, and so cute, it's not fair. How did I manage to become so blessed? Especially after horrid moments left me without rest. I knew his name, I... Continue Reading →

The night begins in the swamp.

I hear the blast of a pistol, shooting at some creature unknown. The crickets don't flinch, they continue their song. The black has covered everything, trees dripping in sultry, sweet tar. An owl calls in the night. A fox screams in lonely fright. And the night begins in the swamp.

Untitled I

I take a step And feel the crunch of leaves beneath my feet. I take another My foot sinks into softness. I feel her start to envelop me I struggle Take another This time I sink even farther It's fruitless. It's done. I am pulled in.

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