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I’ve felt stifled by social media lately and I’ve had to remember that while I’ve found a great tool to share my endeavors on my channels, social media itself is not a viable medium for my creative expression. It’s always changing, and I ove words and always have. But I must admit I often skip right over those page-long Instagram captions and miss the author’s message completely, aside from whatever pretty picture they’ve used to try to capture my attention initially.

This brings me back to my blog. As simple as it is it’s always provided me the blank canvas I’ve needed to share news, thoughts and personal projects. Those who want to read it, do. It’s my own little slice of community here, not subject to algorithms.

I love to study how we communicate, what symbols we use, what languages we develop and why we interact with each other. From words to objects, the colors we wear, and identities we represent, I like to pour over everything we use to communicate and examine it from various perspectives. Why do we think the way we do about certain things? Why do we have bias? How do we express it? I am fascinated by it all. I think addressing communication in all forms is vital to forming healthy relationships with others, and especially with yourself.

After years of searching, trying to put a finger on exactly what makes me tick and how that interplays with the reality of my physical existence, I’ve discovered that I love to explore the abstraction of space and self. As a disabled artist I physically express these wanderings in my digital paintings, woodwork and other mediums. With words I can put a name to those discoveries and share them in other ways. 

I’ve always had fun challenging expected norms and why we accept those as such. I’ve never been afraid to feel what I feel, or see the reality beyond what’s served at face value and I understand at times that’s just not for everyone. But for me, the good, the bad, the ugly, it’s all beautiful. It’s all real. It what makes us who we are and I won’t be afraid to feel or see the beauty in it all.

My personal, creative and professional lives are all merging into what I’ve always envisioned for myself. I believe in my mission, my story, and my ability to serve others along the way. I am relieved, nervous and excited to share more of this journey with you all. Thanks for joining me.

Featured Image: #artvartist collage on Instagram, follow @ktkozar for more.

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