#DearCongress Video for NBC’s TODAY Show

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As October comes to an end, I look back and realize that this month has literally been a whirlwind since day one. The morning of Tuesday October 1st I awoke with the rest of the nation to find that certain members of Congress had proceeded to shut down our federal government instead of compromising on a funding measure to keep it open and running.

I was upset and frustrated at the news that such a small group of people were so poorly representing the interests of myself and my fellow citizens. I shot off a few aggravated tweets over coffee using the #DearCongress tag as organized by NBC’s TODAY Show.

Photo Oct 27, 12 56 27 PM

As the day went on it became apparent that a lot of people agreed with my feelings. My twitter rant caught steam and by mid-afternoon I was contacted by NBC to provide a quick Instagram video of myself reading my tweet above. It ended up airing on NBC’s TODAY Show pretty early the next morning.

It was a surreal experience that I am very thankful for. I am happy and hopeful that my message provided others with a sense of understanding regardless of our political preferences as individuals.

Photo Oct 27, 12 57 53 PM (1)

Thanks again to NBC and the TODAY Show for allowing me to share my thoughts. Take a read and watch the segment my video was featured in (if you know what I look like, it’ll be hard to miss my face, don’t worry) http://www.today.com/news/you-shouldnt-be-getting-paid-viewers-send-shutdown-messages-congress-8C11306978

P.S. I broke the cardinal rule of the internet and read the Facebook comments of the post NBC shared of this article. Mostly, folks agreed with me. The only really negative comment I remember is some woman accusing me of being a man, which basically means I’VE MADE IT YOU GUYS!

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