For Hamilton I

27 Aug

Soft little rosebuds smile with glee,

There is no other that can make happy as he.

His blue green eyes, light brown hair,

His cheek are his father’s, and so cute, it’s not fair.

How did I manage to become so blessed?

Especially after horrid moments left me without rest.

I knew his name, I saw him play.

That’s when hope restored me to love another day.


One of the Few Things

26 Aug

Pop, sizzle, fry,

Thud, slice, chop,

It is one of the few things,

That can reach all your senses.

Sometimes it satisfies,

Sometimes it’s sickens,

Sometimes, there’s not enough.

It can portray a personality,

Character, and culture.

It can create wars,

Or ties that bind.

Sitting down, standing up,

With your fingers or a fork,

It’s a language we can all speak,

And enjoy.

One Day Break

25 Aug

I need a break

Just one day

I promise I won’t be far away.

Time to recharge,

I’ll think of what to say,

I can’t help but write for you anyway.

Porch Sunrise

24 Aug

The sky is still dark,

A cool breeze blows in.

Turning it colors,

Black to blue, orange and red.

Birds call across the forest,

Crickets sing their last songs,

They all know it’s coming,

The arrival of dawn.

Then the sky shines in white,

Then yellow through the trees,

It’s the beginning of a morning,

Another day to be free.

Pleading for Fall

23 Aug

The sunset has shifted,

There a little crisp in the air. 

Could it be? No, not yet.

Fall isn’t still quite here.

I’m so tired of sweating, 

My clothes, hot and sticky,

I can’t wait to wear a sweater,

Or bear to have clothes even near me.

Let the leaves change slowly,

Let the temperatures drop fast,

Let’s leave behind the humid misery,

And bring fall, and cool, to last.


22 Aug

“Rest, rest, rest!” They say,

So you can work and hopefully play,

But nothing works, I’m always dragging,

The pain, fatigue, disappointment nagging.

They love me so, regardless of my state,

I do my best to be a great mother and mate,

I may do things differently, and thats okay,

I hope to teach him compassion along the way.

So for now I rest, so that tonight is ours,

So I feel a little normal, even just for an hour.

Sweet Morning

21 Aug

His little head nuzzles into my side,

I smile, rub his back,

And soak in the moment.

His little breaths on my chest,

His sweet hand reaching out to touch me.

I’ve never known happiness like this.

When he opens his sleepy eyes,

And gives me a big, sweet grin,

I can’t imagine anything better.