It’s a trip.

Does my happiness bother you? I know that feeling. The ache. The fear. Not knowing if I'll ever be happy again, Not knowing if I'll overcome this crisis, or the next. Would you rather see my worst? See me tremble in pain? Hear my screams when I can't control my body? See me angry, despondent,... Continue Reading →


I've almost quit trying to understand my fellow man. It's hard to think as someone else when you don't really know yourself. You're open to evil, to hurt and betrayal, And you're unsure how to protect yourself; how to avoid the vitriol of life. But without pain there is no pleasure, without evil there is... Continue Reading →

Sweet Sweet Night

I've felt you since I was a child, That loneliness, and the solace in it. The dark drapes over me, softly, every night. I delight in my dreams, the possibilities... I wince in the anxiety. My favorite dance with you? The night I waited for my son to arrive. You haven't always been bad. You've... Continue Reading →

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