Archive | July, 2016

Summer Sunrise

31 Jul

It’s still so hot, humid, stifling.

Light cracks through a dark blue sky.

They call, announcing the day.

Waking the warmth.

A small breeze sets in,

Imagine, it’s the coolest part of the day!

For a strong summer sun

Rises over the water

Setting all afire

Waking the warmth.


Yesterday afternoon.

30 Jul

The wind blows thick, hot summer air,

I sit and take it in, weak, in my chair.

I look around, 

I’m surrounded,

By forest thick, lush, and green.

I can help but wonder,

What life will make of me.

His smileĀ 

29 Jul

See his smile,

And the light fill the room.

Lifting up hearts, minds, souls.

Our purpose,


What keeps us going,

Can all be expressed,

In one tiny, little smile.

It’s a trip.

28 Jul

Does my happiness bother you?

I know that feeling. The ache. The fear.

Not knowing if I’ll ever be happy again,

Not knowing if I’ll overcome this crisis, or the next.

Would you rather see my worst?

See me tremble in pain?

Hear my screams when I can’t control my body?

See me angry, despondent, and isolated?

Would you wipe away my tears for what will never be?

There is more than one dimension, you see.

Why does other people’s happiness bother us?

Because we want it so badly for ourselves.

But behind every smile, there is a long journey to reach that single moment of peace.

Don’t jump off of your train into a pit of jealousy,

Or you’ll never reach your desired destination.


27 Jul

I’ve almost quit trying to understand my fellow man.

It’s hard to think as someone else when you don’t really know yourself.

You’re open to evil, to hurt and betrayal,

And you’re unsure how to protect yourself; how to avoid the vitriol of life.

But without pain there is no pleasure, without evil there is no good,

Which is why I must continue to try to understand myself.

Sweet Sweet Night

26 Jul

I’ve felt you since I was a child,

That loneliness, and the solace in it.

The dark drapes over me, softly, every night.

I delight in my dreams, the possibilities…

I wince in the anxiety.

My favorite dance with you? The night I waited for my son to arrive.

You haven’t always been bad.

You’ve seen my tears,

Seen my joys,

Seen my true love and my true self.

Thank you for the delight in the darkness, the growth in the unseen.


25 Jul


In and out,

Calm me down.


Softly sleeping,

Stir my heart.


Feel the heat,

Get lost.


Drift away,

In yours arms.