Photo Blog: OPEN Arts Expo 2013 with Gris Galerie

Joseph and I had the pleasure of spending a Sunday at the College of Charleston Cistern with Elizabeth Bowers and Greg Colleton of Gris Galerie for the Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts'¬†OPEN Arts Expo. Greg and Elizabeth were so kind as to invite us to display our work with them, and we also were... Continue Reading →


"Now Katie, you're better than that" said Dr. A, in his office one morning after I had pulled another mindless 15 year old stunt in the classroom. In addition to my very outspoken classroom antics, I was also a student sports contributor to our local paper. "I've read your writing," he said "You're a very... Continue Reading →

National and Family Treasures

I've always been a bit obsessed with American History, even as a child. My ideal vacation was a trip to Gettysburg instead of a theme park, even at the age of 9. I also grew up with a family who loved to thrift and go "antiquing." I still love seeing my Uncle's antique war memorabilia... Continue Reading →

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